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September 13, 2005

Oh my God…Kaiser Chiefs

by Thorendal

Wow - I was at the Kaiser Chiefs concert in Vega last night - what an amazing concert! I cannot claim to know their music very well, but what I have heard I really like. They are very Brit-pop-like, and they have their very own sound. Last night was one of the most energetic evenings I have experienced in a long time. It was a really intense show, and it was truely amazing!
Kaiser Chiefs comes from Leeds and started out in 2003. They played last fall on Loppen, and this time in Vega - a much better place as the sound is really good there.

Anyways, it was a really really good concert, it was impossible not to dance and jump all the time - we had so much fun!

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September 12, 2005

10th concert with Raveonettes

by Thorendal


I managed (thanks to the early opening of to get hold of tix to the Blå Tone concert with Raveonettes and White Stripes concert in October. It will be my 10th concert with Raveonettes! That is cool, I really cannot wait to go - and that of several reasons. Firstly of course because I love The Raveonettes, and secondly because it is a fun concept - the concert is held in an old repair hall for trains. Third reason is of course because it is always fun to go to concerts!

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September 11, 2005


by Thorendal

Went to the Dear concert in Vega last night, didn’t know the band very well, and the main reason for going was that it is always fun to go to concerts, it was in Vega, it was on a Saturday, and my friend Malene wanted to go too. So off we went.
The guy who has the band is called Laust Sonne, and he plays drums in D.A.D. as well. But this music is rock music with a twist of rockabilly to it - definitly very different from D.A.D.

It was a really good and danceble concert, I might just have to get hold of their new album (you can actually listen to the album on the website).

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September 9, 2005

New career for me, hooray!

by Thorendal

Last night it was confirmed, that I have got a new job in the informatics department at H:S! It is fantastic, and I really cannot wait to start. The job will be a wonderful challenge!

I will be working within the domain of it architecture with communication assignments, knowledge organization, information architecture, and the like. It is interesting projects they are working with, so I am looking forward to getting into it, and to learn many new things. I know a little about them from my present job, and from friends but it will be very nice to actually dig deeper into the different aspects of it all.
My new colleagues seem to be very nice, very competent, and nerdy - but I happen to like and respect nerds a lot so that just makes it even more cool to have gotten the job! Nerds are fun, interesting, and clever people.

H:S is placed next door from where I work now, so I will primarily be working in central Copenhagen, which is nice. And with this new job - it will be a pleasure to float through the busy streets of Copenhagen on my bike every morning!

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