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May 26, 2007

Sondre Lerche - the boy who became man

by Thorendal

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I am not quite sure when exactly I heard Sondre Lerche’s radio hit “Two way monologue”, but it is some years ago. After that song I heard a few other tracks, which I don’t remember. My impression of Sondre Lerche’s music has been that is was melodic pop music, not challenging in any way, just sweet ok pop music.
Then I observed some time ago, that he was going to visit Denmark, and I checked up on what had happened to him over the last couple of years, and discovered that he had released a crooner-inspired album not too long ago. Now crooner music is nothing less than fantastic, but one must have a lot of character to perform it well, and live-experience as well - in my opinion. Sondre Lerche is around 24 years old, he has made music for many years by now. He even played at the Roskilde Festival back in 2002 where he was compared to Beck. But, he does not have the stature of an experience crooner.
Anyhow I am always up for a concert, so I took it with an open mind, hoped for the best, and that he would play some of the old music.

I must admit I was well surprised to hear that the style he has taken in was rather brit-pop inspired. We discussed it, the girls I was with and I, and I seemed to be the only one who thought that is was britt-pop like, but there is no doubt at all that it was a very grown up sound. It was quite noisy and had long incoherent guitar solos and too many changes in rhythm put into one song. It was ok, not fantastic but ok. There was only a number or two in tho “old” style, which was a shame.

For the first time I have experienced imperfect sound in Vega, there was way too much bass. Nevertheless overall it was a fine evening, it is always fantastic to go to concerts!
Thanks to kusine and Karen for a fun evening out.

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May 21, 2007

Release party

by Thorendal

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Today I went to my first REAL release party for “Pligten Kalder” at Märkbar. It was the best way ever to start of a normal week in May. Torben Steno, Kristine Algot, and Johan Olsen are the people behind this new ep, which was released today. It contains five songs, and all of them in Danish.
It was really nice very Copenhagen-like-songs and had both depth and soul to it. And I can strongly recommend this record.

Anyhow, thanks to Birgitte for spending this nice Monday evening with me!

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