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May 25, 2006

Isobel Campbell

by Thorendal

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Tuesday night Isobel Campbell visited Vega, and I visited Vega Tuesday night.
I only just recently discovered Isobel Campbell, and I am absolutely crazy about the album she has done with Mark Lanegan - a master piece! It is called “Ballad of the broken seas”

The thing is, my impression - juged from that album and it’s cover - is that she is exactly like she looks on the picture right above this text. But she is not! She is gorgeous, sexy, and stylish, but in real life she has no attitude what so ever but the little miss goody two shoes, and that is such a shame.
But if one was able to forget her well-behaved doll-like-attitude and just focus on the music it was a delightful evening with music of very high quality.

Mark Lanegan is not joining Isobel on the tour, unfortunately, but instead there is a guy called Eugene Kelly who is from the band called Captain America, Vaselines and Eugenes. I am not really sure what kind of music his different bands have been playing, but I must say that he can really sing!

The wierd thing was that some of the track she played that are not to be found on the album was a totally different style - all country and western, and I am not quite sure I think that style is cool at all! I must admit though that the tracks were well done and sounded very nice, it is just not the kind of music I enjoy. But I wonder if was Isobel’s new tune or if it was Eugene’s. Time will tell.

All together the concert was brilliant, and I am looking very much forward to hearing what kind of music she puts out next.

Thanks to you-know-who-you-are and Per for making it all worth it.

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May 20, 2006

Belle & Sebastian

by Thorendal

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Last night Vega had arranged Belle & Sebastian for us. And we were in for a treat of both a long concert (lasted about and hour and 45), and a personality boost from the singer, Stuart Murdoch.

The Singer, Stuart, talked a lot to the audience. It has been a long time since I have experienced that. Though the music is fairly quiet and it is therefor easy to talk to the calm audience, it gave truely nice and intimate feeling. He made references to the previous times the band had been in Denmark, which of course gave us a feeling of being “something special” as he remembered both Vega, the stage, Copenhagen, the fact that we use our bicycles to get around and such. That was pretty fantastic.

Although I don’t know a lot of Belle & Sebastian’s music, I know enough to know that it is very nice and proper music. It is simply good pop music - without being concept pop at all. It is a funny band, there are seven members, which to me is a lot. The members of the band are playing all sorts of instruments which makes the music a lot more interesting. Most of the instruments sounds amazing, but if I could give them one advice it would be to drop the flute!

Belle & Sebastian chose a nice ending for the concert; they invited four youngster up on stage, and they were dancing like they had never done anything but dancing. It left me with the feeling that the party had only just begun.

Thanks to you-know-who-you-are for making it a fantastic evening.

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May 9, 2006


by Thorendal

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Sunday was Radiohead night for me in KB-Hallen. To describe it very simple: It was fantastic!

Once again I must say that KB-Hallen has a brilliant sound which is of course a big part of going to a concert. But here the sound was so clean and all instruments and voices were so distinct from each other.
But not all of the good experience was due to the good sound. Radiohead’s performance was a mature yet childish enough to be entertaining without being predictable. Thom Yorke’s voice was (and is) as crocket as his dance and general movements across the stage. But because of the sound it was really powerful to listen to.

The stage reminded me of a mixture Coldplays latest X&Y-tour and Franz Ferdinand’s classy background close-ups from their latest tour. This was endeed tastefull and again entertaining enough to be interesting but not distracting.

The concert lasted two hole hours which I must say has been a very long time ago I have experienced from a band. Of course Radiohead has about a trillion songs to play and the tracklist they had chosen for us was a brilliant mixture of old and newer stuf, brand new stuf, slow, fragile, and rocking numbers. By the time the concert was through we were ever so sweaty due to the unexspected warm May-days which caused a very hot KB-Hallen. But it had been a really good evening with a quality of both music and performance way above average.

Of course I need to give my thanks to Trine and Malene for making my evening perfect.

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May 7, 2006


by Thorendal

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Last night Trine, Malene, and I went to Vega to hear Babyshambles. We started out with dinner at Trine’s place, which was very nice. We talked and had a good time which resulted in us being pretty late for the concert. In fact when we arrived at Vega and were handing in out jackets the staff told us that there were about half an hour left of the concert.

Now normally that would be pretty bad news because obviously one buys a ticket for the reason of going to the concert and hearing it. Last night it was a true blessing to be that late! Now I truely understand what hyped means! And let me inlight you.

Hyped means exaggerated, self-promoting, over advertised, delusioned etc. according to the dictionary.
In my world it means talentless - at least when live.

I am not sure what it was they did on stage, but from where I stood it looked like they were playing music - of course I know they didn’t, but maybe they thought they did. I don’t know.

So when they finally stopped after about 30 minutes we felt relieved (which is defined in the dictionary as: To free from pain, anxiety, or distress) and had had enough of Babyshambles live - enough to keep us satisfied for a very long time.

Could Pete Doherty at least just have had a cool personality so there was some kind of entertainment in it all…

Thanks to Trine and Malene for an very nice evening!

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