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May 20, 2006

Belle & Sebastian

by Thorendal

Last night Vega had arranged Belle & Sebastian for us. And we were in for a treat of both a long concert (lasted about and hour and 45), and a personality boost from the singer, Stuart Murdoch.

The Singer, Stuart, talked a lot to the audience. It has been a long time since I have experienced that. Though the music is fairly quiet and it is therefor easy to talk to the calm audience, it gave truely nice and intimate feeling. He made references to the previous times the band had been in Denmark, which of course gave us a feeling of being “something special” as he remembered both Vega, the stage, Copenhagen, the fact that we use our bicycles to get around and such. That was pretty fantastic.

Although I don’t know a lot of Belle & Sebastian’s music, I know enough to know that it is very nice and proper music. It is simply good pop music - without being concept pop at all. It is a funny band, there are seven members, which to me is a lot. The members of the band are playing all sorts of instruments which makes the music a lot more interesting. Most of the instruments sounds amazing, but if I could give them one advice it would be to drop the flute!

Belle & Sebastian chose a nice ending for the concert; they invited four youngster up on stage, and they were dancing like they had never done anything but dancing. It left me with the feeling that the party had only just begun.

Thanks to you-know-who-you-are for making it a fantastic evening.

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