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September 29, 2005

Thursday’s theme

by Thorendal

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I have had a fantastic experience today with a colleague of mine. We have been talking for a while about giving different days their own themes. The one theme we have been talking about for a long time is to stand in the elevator at work and just stay in there as people were using it to go up and down.
So that what was we did for a short while after lunch today. It is an activity I can strongly recommend. I found it extremly funny and basically laughed all the time. My colleauge Tim was really cool and kept talking the elevator-talk. The concept of elevator-talk is to talk about the weather and other superficial and uninteresting things.
Anyways, the different people who came into the elevator actually got very confused about us staying in there. As they were about to push the button of the floor they were going to, they asked us which floor we needed to get off at. The response from Tim was that whatever floor they got of at was fine by us. And then when we didn’t leave the elevator, they looked confused at us. Well well it was a lot of fun…and it was a well chosen theme for the last Thursday in September!

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September 28, 2005

You never need to be alone again

by Thorendal

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Good God what a fantastic idea - for both men and women!

There are different images, and it is really not that expensive to get a hold of the guy or girl who will never leave - or betray you!

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September 21, 2005

My experience as painter

by Thorendal

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Part 1
Sunday I had my first experience putting up gauze/wallpaper in my flat. I will leave out here why I have to do it myself and not a professional person as it would take close to ten days to explain it.
Anyways, Malene helped me doing it. For some reason we have found out, that we work very well together, but we figured that it was probably a good thing that we weren’t a married couple , as activities like this can be the reason for a divorce.

So we have been asking around how to do this gauze thing, and we thought we had understood the method enough to actually do it ourselvs. And we sure had!!! It looks ever so beautiful and we found it really easy to put up. We were cool girls yesterday, and we had a lot of fun!

Part 2
Yesterday my sister came to my place to help me do the ceiling with gauze, and then some other areas that needed to be fixed with gauze as well. It went really good, and my flat looks so nice now. You can hardly see that someone else has messed it up before we came along!
It was hard work yesterday though it was actually easier that expected to do the ceiling. The walls came out beautifully as well. I cannot wait to get started with the painting!

Thanks a lot girls for helping me out, that really means a lot to me!!!

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September 15, 2005


by Thorendal

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A week ago I won tix for the KORN concert. So my friend Malene and I went all the way out to Valby Hallen last night. Actually we knew someone else who won tix as well, so we were not the only ones not to fit into the surroundings.
KORN is so far away from the music I usually listen to, but it is always interesting to go to concerts, though I would never ever have gone to this one if it hadn’t been because it was for free!
And it was interesting - very much indeed. Firstly there was the audience - where do all those weirdos live? Where do they work? It is fascinating with people that are so different. It is so interesting to observe different groups of people, and last night was no exception.

Have a look: The Band don’t exactly look like any of my friends!


The music was interesting too. I don’t even know what one would call that kind of music - except different! Well different for me that is.

I actually didn’t like the music at all. The singer - I mean what singer??? I know the sound in Valby Hallen is poor, but it was impossible to hear him. There was no contact from the band to the audience, it lasted just over an hour - which is so not acceptable when you tak the price into consideration. The very few lyrics we were able to hear was embarrassing. So all in all, it was a really bad evening - though we had a good time.

We had a fun evning, but surprisingly none of us felt an urge to buy any of their music afterwards.

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