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September 21, 2005

My experience as painter

by Thorendal

Part 1
Sunday I had my first experience putting up gauze/wallpaper in my flat. I will leave out here why I have to do it myself and not a professional person as it would take close to ten days to explain it.
Anyways, Malene helped me doing it. For some reason we have found out, that we work very well together, but we figured that it was probably a good thing that we weren’t a married couple , as activities like this can be the reason for a divorce.

So we have been asking around how to do this gauze thing, and we thought we had understood the method enough to actually do it ourselvs. And we sure had!!! It looks ever so beautiful and we found it really easy to put up. We were cool girls yesterday, and we had a lot of fun!

Part 2
Yesterday my sister came to my place to help me do the ceiling with gauze, and then some other areas that needed to be fixed with gauze as well. It went really good, and my flat looks so nice now. You can hardly see that someone else has messed it up before we came along!
It was hard work yesterday though it was actually easier that expected to do the ceiling. The walls came out beautifully as well. I cannot wait to get started with the painting!

Thanks a lot girls for helping me out, that really means a lot to me!!!

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  1. Frk-Thorendal wrote:

    Jamen det var da så lidt søde søster… Er glad for, at du ikke nævner mine evner udi vævklisterloftspåføring. Jeg måtte i øvrigt klippe min hår elastik af i går :-)

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