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February 21, 2007

Nouvelle Vague

by Thorendal

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Nouvelle Vague

Finally Nouvelle Vague made it all the way to Denmark, and thank God for that!

In Copenhagen they played at Loppen in Christiania, and this place has quite a bit of atmosphere. Generally I find the sound to be satisfactory, but unfortunately it is usually completely impossible to see anything of what goes on on stage. Anyways when you get use to sway from side to side and move around a bit, then it is a pretty nice place for intimate concerts.

It was brilliant to see the band and to hear all their unique sounds live. Although Nouvelle Vague only make fantastic music I must admit I prefer their self-intitled album which was their debut.
In their performance last night they had changed a little on how the tracks sounded like, but only to the limit where you could stille recognize them all. The intros was even longer than on the albums which for sure made the music more enchanting and intense.

The girls, which are the only ones to sing, keep the attitude all way through the show which makes the band cool in every sense. They springle their energy out to the audience and the atmosphere was relaxed and intense yet hyped.

It was a very nice evening and the walls of Loppen and the sounds of Nouvelle Vague protected us from the rough weather outside.
Thanks to Stine, Trine, Malene og Kåre for a good and long waited evening!

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February 10, 2007

Eagles of death metal

by Thorendal

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Do it in style - do the EODM way!

Went to the EODM concert Thursday of this week - and it was nothing less than fantastic! I had a blast of a time and we were well suprised that the music was that good. Well we didn’t know a lot of it on beforehand but we do now.
The singer, Jesse Hughes, was a show in him self. I am not sure I have experienced anyone with so much charisma before. Well I might have, but Jesse ranks very high on my list of musicians with lots of charisma!

Anyways thanks to my cousin for a night to remember!

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