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September 24, 2006

PJ Harvey in the Opera

by Thorendal

Ok, so it has been forever since I have written anything about my concerts, but basically I have only been to the Madonna concert back in August and a very interesting concert with a band called Afenginn in september. Both very good.


But tonight I had the opportunity of hearing PJ Harvey in the “new” opera in Copenhagen. It was an amazing experience - she is truely a multi talent. She was performing solo which made it a very special concert, and one would have expected it be a little tame - but it really wasn’t. It is ever so impressive that one woman can actually do a hole concert in the way that she did.

The sound was very good in the opera and every one had a perfect view, which is rather rare. It was my first “rock” concert in a none smoking environment, which as well was nice.

Anyways, thanks to Julie, Trine and Malene for a good evening.

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