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November 24, 2005

Online Information 2005

by Thorendal

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Next week I am off to the Online Information Conference at Olypia Hall in London. I have mentioned the conference and exhibition before, but this time I am actually going for the conference. It is going to be so exciting, so many intersting speakers and topics.
It begins on Tuesday and goes on until Thursday. I haven’t got around to actually dicide which lectures I am going for, but I know which areas I am going to go for. They have extended the programme this year, so there are going to be so many interesting things to explore.
I know a guy, Lars Silberbauer Andersen, from DR (National Broadcasting Corporation in Denmark) who is going too, and he is suppose to give a presentation as well. That will be interesting to hear, though I have probably heard some of it before as I know him from our Meetup for Information Architects where he has introduced his work.

Anyways I can strongly recommend this event - in fact I will promise you that it will be absolutely amazing!

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November 12, 2005

Spleen United

by Thorendal

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Pumpehuset, last night, Spleen United, fantastic!

Spleen United

Danish upcoming band playing really spacy music, kind of synth-trance pop…I don’t know what so ever what to call it other than really nice music.
Anyways, Pumpehuset is a nice place for music as it is pretty intimate when there are concerts on. The view is fairly acceptable and the sound is fine. Not quite loud enough last night though.
Spleen United has only really been around for a couple of years. And resently their first album came out. I find it to be a bit “sounding all the same” and yet very fascinating and interesting - dreamy. It kind of takes you back into the 80’s, and that I like. I like the simple electronic sound of that time, so I guess that is why I enjoy their music so much.
And last night was breath taking as everything from theirs looks to sound was all 80’s. I am very sure that Spleen United will come a long way!

I was up intil last night not aware of how synth-pop the music is. I mean I can hear that it is, but they actually have three synthesizers, a drummer, and guitar on stage. One of the synth-players is playing base as well. The light on stage mainly comes from behind the stage and lights up the hole audience in an fantastic inspiring and poetic way.

It was such an amazing experience to be there. I was totally send back in time.

Thanks to Malene, Mette, and René for a fun night out!

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