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January 31, 2006

Back from my dull periode

by Thorendal

So January was suppose to be very quiet for me, and so it was! I feel much more relaxed and on top of things. It has been really nice, but now all the other kind of nice things are coming back to my life which will be nice too. I will stay pretty focused on none-party related things too though. As an example I have promised myself that I will try harder (?) to post more work field related postings in the nearer future.

I do have a lot of nice concerts coming up for the next two months, and I cannot wait! It has been hard to live without concerts for a hole month! So tomorrow I am starting out with Mew in KB-Hallen with Malene of course, and it will be interesting as I find their “new” album worth listening to.

Life is good, and I am a very lucky girl!

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January 25, 2006


by Thorendal

Roskilde has started revealing names for this summer’s festival. Franz Ferdinand, Tool, and Kanye West are the first ones..woohoo!

And they keep coming…

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