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August 28, 2005

My penpal Sune

by Thorendal

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Sune Wagner has over a week in the begining of August had a service for his fans. They could ask him a question a day, and he would ask a question back at you. I would like to believe that is was only me he had asked, but it was not.

Anyways I took advantage of this service to the full. I will show you my questions and his answers.

Day one
Q: Which personal traits about you self do you hope that other people appreciate the most about you?
A: My honesty and sense of humour

Day two
Q: If I gave you my phone number, would you call me?
A: Maybe.
Q: When going to sleep, which position are you laying in?
A: On the side.
Q: Why don’t you ask questions back?
A: Don’t have the time right now.
Q: When you haven’t been in Denmark for a long time, who do you miss the most?
A: The City.
Q: Do you kiss as well irl as in my day dreams?
A: Better.
Q: Which is your most ticklish spot?
A: In the side.
Q: Do you suffer from any allegies?
A: No.
Q: Have you ever really loved a girl?
A: Yes.
Q: Which milk did you drink at school?
A: The light blue one (low fat).
Q: How tall are you?
A: Around 190 cm.
Q: Has anyone ever written you a song or a poem?
A: Yes.
Q: Why ARE YOU SHOUTING (he is writing with capital letters all the time)?
A: Don’t know.

Day three
My question for Sune was very simple:
Q: What is your phone number?
A: I don’t remember *lol*

Sune wrote out on their website, that he was not able to ask questions back at people because the amount of questions he got. There were a massive delay on answers also because of the amout of emails, so the above were the answers I got from him. Anyways, it has been a lot of fun to have had the opportunity to ask question and to get answers.

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August 27, 2005

Malmö Festival, part 2

by Thorendal

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Yesterday we went to Malmö for the festival, and The Raveonettes gave an excellent concert. Very energetic, and a lot of the songs they played were from the old albums. That was nice to hear as the last two concerts I have been to with The Raveonettes have been with songs from their new album primarily.

We also saw the Danish band The Figurines.
The Figurines
What an amazing band! I have to check them out some more. I don’t even know what kind of music they can be said to play, but it is absolutely interesting and original. You should check them out!

I can strongly recomment the Malmö Festival - it is fantastic! The whole city is involved in the happenings and activities, and everyone can enjoy something there; Music, food, tivolies, stalls with all kinds of crap, and so on.

I will definitly be back next year!

Malmø Festival 2005

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August 10, 2005

Malmö Festival

by Thorendal

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Just want to draw a bit of attention to the upcoming festival in Malmö, Sweden. It runs from August 19th to the 26th. I went last year, and it was a blast!
This year I have one purpose there really: The Raveonettes (Friday evening), but there are a lot of bands playing, and several of them are bound to be interesting too.

Find more information and schedule here

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August 6, 2005

What is so fantastic about Firefox?

by Thorendal

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I was convinced some time ago about quitting my Internet Explorer in favour of Mozilla’s Firefox as my default browser. I have been very pleased with the services and possibilities in Firefox since I started using it. Up until today! I was cruising around on the Internet, not doing anything unusually from what I normally do, and not visiting pages I don’t usually do either. A little later on I needed another browser open, as one sometimes do, so I did what I usually do - clicked on the firefox icon in the bar - and swuuush…all my settings, pass words, my Sage, and preferences were gone! Please tell me what that is all about! That is just not okey at all!

So now I have gone back to Internet Explorer, which I have never had any problems with. So today I will spend much time trying to remember all my “new” preferences and passwords from Firefox and put them into Explorer. What a waste of my time!

[August 15th. Problem solved; Something had changed in the profile settings, I have changed it back - but I haven’t started trusting Firefox just yet!]

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