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August 27, 2005

Malmö Festival, part 2

by Thorendal

Yesterday we went to Malmö for the festival, and The Raveonettes gave an excellent concert. Very energetic, and a lot of the songs they played were from the old albums. That was nice to hear as the last two concerts I have been to with The Raveonettes have been with songs from their new album primarily.

We also saw the Danish band The Figurines.
The Figurines
What an amazing band! I have to check them out some more. I don’t even know what kind of music they can be said to play, but it is absolutely interesting and original. You should check them out!

I can strongly recomment the Malmö Festival - it is fantastic! The whole city is involved in the happenings and activities, and everyone can enjoy something there; Music, food, tivolies, stalls with all kinds of crap, and so on.

I will definitly be back next year!

Malmø Festival 2005

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