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August 6, 2005

What is so fantastic about Firefox?

by Thorendal

I was convinced some time ago about quitting my Internet Explorer in favour of Mozilla’s Firefox as my default browser. I have been very pleased with the services and possibilities in Firefox since I started using it. Up until today! I was cruising around on the Internet, not doing anything unusually from what I normally do, and not visiting pages I don’t usually do either. A little later on I needed another browser open, as one sometimes do, so I did what I usually do - clicked on the firefox icon in the bar - and swuuush…all my settings, pass words, my Sage, and preferences were gone! Please tell me what that is all about! That is just not okey at all!

So now I have gone back to Internet Explorer, which I have never had any problems with. So today I will spend much time trying to remember all my “new” preferences and passwords from Firefox and put them into Explorer. What a waste of my time!

[August 15th. Problem solved; Something had changed in the profile settings, I have changed it back - but I haven’t started trusting Firefox just yet!]

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3 Responses to “What is so fantastic about Firefox?”

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    What Is So Fantastic About Firefox?

    Maybe someone can help this poor Firefox user:…

  2. Stig Andersen wrote:

    I’m sure the Firefox fans have zillions of tech and security reasons for using FF. I will not go down that road… (Though I’ve had much less spyware since I swiched).

    But I find it notable, that you get a helping response to your post within two days. And I doubt the IE community would have been just as helpful, had you experienced a problem with IE.


  3. Thorendal wrote:

    Hi Stig,
    I do actually think you are right about that! But the problem got solved because my sister expirienced the exact same thing, and it was via her, I got help. But yes, it is probably not so easy to solve problems with IE as it was with Firefox.

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