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May 7, 2006


by Thorendal


Last night Trine, Malene, and I went to Vega to hear Babyshambles. We started out with dinner at Trine’s place, which was very nice. We talked and had a good time which resulted in us being pretty late for the concert. In fact when we arrived at Vega and were handing in out jackets the staff told us that there were about half an hour left of the concert.

Now normally that would be pretty bad news because obviously one buys a ticket for the reason of going to the concert and hearing it. Last night it was a true blessing to be that late! Now I truely understand what hyped means! And let me inlight you.

Hyped means exaggerated, self-promoting, over advertised, delusioned etc. according to the dictionary.
In my world it means talentless - at least when live.

I am not sure what it was they did on stage, but from where I stood it looked like they were playing music - of course I know they didn’t, but maybe they thought they did. I don’t know.

So when they finally stopped after about 30 minutes we felt relieved (which is defined in the dictionary as: To free from pain, anxiety, or distress) and had had enough of Babyshambles live - enough to keep us satisfied for a very long time.

Could Pete Doherty at least just have had a cool personality so there was some kind of entertainment in it all…

Thanks to Trine and Malene for an very nice evening!

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