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May 9, 2006


by Thorendal


Sunday was Radiohead night for me in KB-Hallen. To describe it very simple: It was fantastic!

Once again I must say that KB-Hallen has a brilliant sound which is of course a big part of going to a concert. But here the sound was so clean and all instruments and voices were so distinct from each other.
But not all of the good experience was due to the good sound. Radiohead’s performance was a mature yet childish enough to be entertaining without being predictable. Thom Yorke’s voice was (and is) as crocket as his dance and general movements across the stage. But because of the sound it was really powerful to listen to.

The stage reminded me of a mixture Coldplays latest X&Y-tour and Franz Ferdinand’s classy background close-ups from their latest tour. This was endeed tastefull and again entertaining enough to be interesting but not distracting.

The concert lasted two hole hours which I must say has been a very long time ago I have experienced from a band. Of course Radiohead has about a trillion songs to play and the tracklist they had chosen for us was a brilliant mixture of old and newer stuf, brand new stuf, slow, fragile, and rocking numbers. By the time the concert was through we were ever so sweaty due to the unexspected warm May-days which caused a very hot KB-Hallen. But it had been a really good evening with a quality of both music and performance way above average.

Of course I need to give my thanks to Trine and Malene for making my evening perfect.

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