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February 12, 2006


by Thorendal


Thursday this week we went to the Bauhaus concert in Vega . The expectations were difficult to form on beforhand as I wasn’t really active in the concert scene when the band was on their higest. I only know the music, not the culture. So the only thing I could hope for was that the music sounded a bit like what I know from the cds that is in my shelves. And it did! It was a very amazing experience!

Peter Murphy has the most seductive deep voice. The hole show was a wonderful trip into an intriguing space of darkness and solitude - in the nicest sense.

Thanks to my sister, Kåre and Hibsen for making it a very nice evening.

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February 6, 2006

Testing testing 1, 2, 3 - enterprise architecture tax’o'no’my

by Thorendal

Back when I was working in the Ministy of Science, Techonology, and Innovation I was specifically working on a new cross national project about an it-architecture artefact library. It was very interesting, and I do thrive on being working on projects that are two steps ahead of most development locally, nationally and internationally. So this project was spot on what excites me as an information professional.
The first phase of this project was to develop an enterprise architecture taxonomy in coorporation with a bunch of consultants from Devoteam Fischer Lorentz. This was a lot of fun as I got to get pretty close to their methodology and had the chance to mix it with my own opinion and experience.

So I ended my employment by the end of September 2005 to join the it-architecture division in H:S Headquater’s Informatics department. I have loads of different assignments but one of them is to participate in a pilot trial at the exact same project that I was working on in the ministry. During the last couple of months the ministry have managed to set up the library with the embedded taxonomy. They have chosen an open source system called Plone. It seems pretty good, at least for the purpose of this project, and they have managed to set it up fairly nice and simple.

My role as a pilot is to upload - or to index - an amount of documents in this new system using their taxonomy, which I find to be a lot of fun (yawn - I know, boooring), as it has been a long time since I have been working with the system from a conceptual point of view. It is very interesting to have had the chance to be on both sides of the project and to have seen the development that it has been through. Put mildly it has been a more than a double-loop-learning process, but now the system is there and is ready for testing!

Today I was looking at documents to index which in it self is a bit of a challenge as a lot of the documents that is work documents in my department is very techincal documents. I do not have a technical background so it is hard for me to understand everything that is dealt with in them. But I found some interesting documents with a bit of help from my senior manager, Stefan.

I haven’t actually started to index the documents just yet, but I will be doing so over the next week. It will be interesting to give it a go, and to make a general review of the system.
It will be another month and a half before the trial periode will be over, so it will be pretty interesting to see what kind of changes the system will go through in the nearer future. You can have a look for yourself here.

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February 2, 2006

Mew in KB-Hallen

by Thorendal


In ten years time I am sure that a lot of girls in their mid tweenties will look back upon last night’s concert and remember their first concert with a twist of overwhelmedness in their heart and at the same time an eagerness to fully remember the great feeling they experienced. Because last night’s concert with Mew was indeed one to remember!

There are a few things I really think needs to be told about last night. First of all, the sound last night was in my ears perfect. Mew’s music is fairly fragile and what-ever-the-lead-singer-is-called’s voice is even more fragile. I would have imagined that his voice would have disappeared in the music, but it didn’t at all - a perfect match. Secondly the music had the perfect balance of guitar, bass, synthesizer, and drums. The sound was truely great and very true to the sound that we know from their latest album.

The stage and the show as such was in some ways very beautiful and other ways too depressing and over done when the music is taken into concideration. I do not myself associate Mew’s music to doll with blood coming out of their mouths, scary kitty cats and teddybears, terrifying imaginary fish, pictures of screaming people and the like - almost all in very melancholy colours. Maybe it is just because I don’t get what it is all about, but I do actully find their music pretty amazing and beautiful, and I don’t relate it to sad moods at all. Deep thoughtfull moods - but not sad moods.
Nevertheless some of the pictures on the back curtain were very beautiful and amazing (why did the curtain go up and down all the time?). Totally overdimensioned and impressive. I don’t think I am able to explain how pretty it was, but it was! Especially their season pictures of snow coming down, a night skye full of stars, trees in the Fall with all their brownish colours and the like. Veeeery nice!

On the less impressive side about last night it must be said that with two albums in their bagpack a band should be able to play more than some what 75 minutes! And maybe the boys should work a little on their interaction with the audience. Not a lot is said or told on stage. I guess that it is an individual thing, but I do like it when the band is telly stories or just introducing at least some of the numbers they are playing.

Anyways it was a brilliant evening, a fantastic concert and all I can say is that you should definitely have been there! Thanks to Malene for inviting me and making my evening one to remember!

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