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May 31, 2005

Always pretty in Black

by Thorendal

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Have you bought the Raveonettes‘ new album ‘Pretty in black’ - or at least listened to it?


If not, shame on you! It is an amazing album, that contains music for all moods and purposes. Compared to their earlier albums (well one ep and one album), this music is for everyone but it is still very clever and so are the lyrics.
I must admit that I was pretty surprised about their new sound, but it is so obvious when listening to the music, that this is an album that one can only love. In fact I have it in my mp3 player as the only music and it has been there since the album was released the 25 th of April this year.

A while ago - February this year- I went to the Raveonettes concert in Pumpehuset - what a fantastic experience! I think it was the the 7th time I saw them live, and it was great as always.
Beautiful Sharin has started playing the guitar, which changes the music drastically, but just to a cool new sound. She has also started to be more dominant on the vocals as well, and that sound really good! As a concequense of that, the band has included their 5th. member on base.

They played a lot of the nice noisy “old” tracks, but it was the first time they played their new tracks from their newly released album Pretty in Black live. So the audience didn’t really know what to expect of the show. We loved it of course!!!

If I was to explain the change of sound in their music I would say that it has changed from sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll to hot steamy romance, tequila and surf…but hey, maybe that is just me - I don’t know, and I don’t really care - cause I like it. The way the lyrics are put together though hasn’t really changes, so we still get the rough, blunt, and heartfelt words thrown in our direction. They have a perfect balance of seriousness in the lyrics which makes it very pleasant to listen to.

If you have never heard them live (either), I can strongly recommend to make an effort to do so, it is a very intense experience of music, distortion, vocals, and thoughtful lyrics. The band doesn’t really talk a lot when on stage, so live it is close to purely music throughout about an hour and a half. And Sharin and Sune both happen to be very charismatic to look at, so that alone can intertain you for at least that period of time.

Don’t you think?

Although it was an amazing concert it was wierd afterwards that my hearing was intact.

Anyways the next time the Raveonettes is in Denmark again will be for the Roskilde Festival. It will be nice to see them again after having had a proper chance to getting to know their new album. And they are always interesting to see live!

Rave on at Roskilde!

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