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March 17, 2006

Guru in Amager Bio

by Thorendal

Last night I dragged Malene to Amager Bio to hear Guru. I had the luck back in March 2001 to experience the master in Vega, and I was thrilled! So obvious I was looking forward to this concert this time in Amager Bio (he was in Denmark about a year ago with his solo stuff). It has to be stated that Guru has not come out with a new jazzmatazz album since back around then with the third album, Street Soul. But he told us last night that an album will come out in the Fall of 2006, which I will look very much forward to.

Anyways, it was a some what wierd evening last night as he played one or two numbers that I knew. I had expected to hear quite a lot from the Jazzmatazz albums, and it was disappointing that he only played one track from them.
Guru is also a part of the band called Gang Starr which was what we were offered last night. Gang Starr is what I would define as pretty hardcore hip hop music, which as such is really cool, but as I was expecting more jazzmatazz it gets a bit dull to listen to.
Besides that it was clear to me that either the American audience or the hip hop scene in general loves spoken clichés and focuses less on how the music part of a concert is. I don’t think that the concert contained enough music compared to what I usually experience out and about.

Then again, all concerts are an experience, and this one was fairly cheep, so I have absolutely nothing to complain about - and best of all, I had Malene there with me to make my evening fantastic!

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