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March 27, 2006

The 4 baton

by Thorendal

Ok, so I was challenged by my sister in this baton. It has been around Denmark for some time, and is originally done in Danish. I will do it in English as it is my prefered language on my blog.

So here we go the 4-baton…

4 jobs I have had

- Waitress in Iscaféen, Lyngby Storcenter. I probably served you an ice cream at some point. I haded it, and I was not very good at it either.

- McDonald’s, Roskilde and Brighton. My time in Roskilde was ever so fun, amazing concept they have created with the hole McDonald’s spirit. The same cannot be said about my time in the marina in Brighton - don’t eat there if you ever come by!

- English teacher, private tutor. One of the most rewarding things I have ever done was teaching an 11-year old girl in English for about 8 months.

- IT consultant in H:S, Copenhagen. Ihave the best job ever in my present job. I have fantastic colleagues, interesting task to do, challenging things to learn, and very good conditions.

4 films I can watch over and over again

- Sound of music. I will never ever get tired of it. I have the soundtrack on vinyl and it was the first dvd I bought (not that I have many, but still)

- The Ice storm. A fantastic and very beautiful film. So strong and intrusive in the best way. And it never hurts that it is the master, David Bowie, who made the soundtrack.

- Birth. Wierd film which I have only got to know. Bizarre and yet so simple. Really beautiful film.

- Terkel i knibe. Humour and ever so up tp date with the young generation (what do I know about that!). Anders Matthesen is a genius.

4 places I have lived

- Virum. My childhood and some of my youth. Nice place.

- Nybrogård Kollegiet. Moved there in 91. Had a fantastic time there during the three years and some I lived there. But I was done with the dorm after that!

- Vancouver. Been there done that for a very short period. I have never met so many superficial people in my hole life as I did in those 7 weeks.

- Nørrebro. Still live here, and will for a while. I have just (well last Summer that was) bought a second flat that I have put together with my old one. I have got an amazing flat now!

4 tv-shows I love

- Harry Enfield and Chums. British humour when it is best! I am ever so devastated that his shows have not been released on dvd.

- EastEnders. Need I say more - I am a sad cow!

- That 70’s show. I am not religious about it, but it is actually pretty funny.

- The vicar of Dibley. Dawn French is one of the funniest British women. This show proves that!

4 places I have been on holiday

- Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Amazing, I really would like to go back. Went there for a weekend some years back with my friend Birgitte, but a weekend is not enough at all.

- New York. When I marry rich I can be found there often!

- Skt. Petersborg. Really really beautiful city. I would love to explore more of the city.

- Brighton. I love England and need to go back soon.

4 websites I visit daily

- Can’t breath if I don’t visit that site at least 10 times a day.

- Need to keep my self up tp date with what happens in the Danish music scene.

- Yes well there is a music scene outside Denmark.

- Amazing what music these guys can dig up.

4 favorite eatings

- Liquorice. Cannot survive without salty liquorice.

- Chestnuts. Baked in the oven. An absolut must have in the Fall.

- Leek and potatoe soup. Love it and could live on it.

- Strawberry milkshakes. Yum yum yum!

4 places I’d rather be right now

- On a warm and sunny beach somewhere

- On a warm and sunny beach somewhere

- On a warm and sunny beach somewhere

- Yeah, wouldn’t you like to know…

4 bloggers I tag (if they want to play along with this game)

NO ONE! Don’t know anyone who would use time on this (but let me know if you would, and I will pass it on to you).

I think my sister will be proud that I have actually done this post.

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