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April 2, 2006

Drawing Restraint 9

by Thorendal

Ok, so today after a very yummi brunch at Marius I went to Cinemateket with Malene and Trine to see Drawing Restraint 9

And maybe it is my luck that the night film festival has now finished, because I don’t seem to join the films that is quite my taste. Well I must admit, that it has solely been my own fault, cause Trine has just offered to order tickets for the films she was going to see, and I have put my faith to her judgement. And we don’t share interest for the same genres in film - I have found out! All it would have taken me was to look up the titles she informed me about, but I didn’t, and so I have seen two films now that have been ever so strange and silent. Drawing Restraint 9 I think have about 5 hole sentences, and it lasts for 135 minutes!

Anyways, it was a bizarre film, too long and too wierd, and I think it is a good thing that Björk has her music career to fall back on :-)

Thanks to Trine and Malene for a very nice Sunday morning and afternoon.

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