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January 11, 2007

Hail to the man - and don’t fiddle with his work, please!

by Thorendal

Went to see the “I’m your man”-movie with and about Leonard Cohen. I read the review in “I byen” by Kim Skotte, and had about no expectations to it, as the review war pretty poor. I was every so pleasantly surprised, I must say. It was a beautiful portrait of a person I knew not a lot about.
I can really recommend the film. It is out on dvd 30th of January, all though I am not sure what kind of experience it will be to watch in on a small telly. He is pretty impressive Leonard Cohen! A true icon of something I haven’t come around to define further just yet.

Afterwards The Raveonettes played som of Cohen’s song. And as a lot of people know - I love Sune and Sharin - but let me just say: Know your limits guys or demand better settings for playing! Who are you to mess up beautiful music?
My exceptations are growing to their summer-coming-album. I am not that impressed by them any longer, and have not been that for a loooong time. So let’s cross our fingers that they will amaze us again.

Thanks to Stefan for sharing this brillant evening with me.

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