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March 5, 2007

Little Barrie

by Thorendal

Once again I won some tickets for a fairly unknown band in Little Vega this past Friday, and this time it was for a concert with Little Barrie. Never the less I predict that this band will not stay unknow for very long!

They have a lot of talent and their music is very mellow - in the best way ever!

I don’t know the names of the guys names but what I can tell is that the singer is a right charmer! Besides having a soft voice, his way of singing and talking is very aticulated which added a hole lot to the experience.
It was obvious that it is an upcoming band. Not that I can point out why exactly, but it was obvious in their behavior, they were ever so well-manored and a bit shy. But I doubt that it will stay that way for ever :-)

Keep an eye out for Little Barrie, they are worth the attention!

Thanks to Kusine, Helle and Malene for a good evning in Little Vega.

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