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March 9, 2007

Second Life

by Thorendal

So it looks like I am going to be involved in a project concerning Second life, 2life or sl - what ever you prefer to call it. I am currently working in the Capital Region and we have just been talking about the PR value of having an institution on the other side.
Now I find it rather interesting these new kinds of media or communication channels, so of course I said yes when asked if I wanted to be involved!

Before I was asked I had just been given birth to in sl. My name is Klara Miles, and this is what I look like.

Almost like the real thing ;-)

Anyways I am looking very much forward to getting deeper in to this project. But I have been cruising around to try to find interesting places in sl, but I have not had a lot of luck. I have managed to find two Danish places - that I can enter to - which is Ungdomshuset 2.0 and Syddansk Universitet.

Does anyone know some interesting places I can go and explore - I am not interested in groups, only places?.

Have a fun weekend.

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