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March 16, 2007

Dave Matthews

by Thorendal

Dave Matthews

The other night was one of the bigger experiences of my life - musically that is! I was lucky enough to get hold of tickets for the first indoor Dave Matthews concert on Danish ground (he played at Midfyns Festivallen in 95 and Roskilde Festivallen in 96). And what a concert!!!

I was properly introduced to Dave Matthews music four years ago, 6th of March 2003 to be exact. And since then the journey has just taken me deeper and deeper into the univers of breath taking music he is gives to his fans.

Dave Matthews was born in South Africa, and thanks to wikipedia I can tell you that it was born in 1967. Dave and his wife, Jennifer Ashley Harper, have twin daughters born in 2001, and a third child on its way in the Summer of 2007. The family splits their time between Seattle, Washington and Charlottesville, Virginia. Although Dave was raised as a Quaker, he now considers himself to be agnostic.

Anyhow the concert the other night was a solo concert although he had one guy with him, Tim Renoylds.
First of all I must say, that I am ever so impressed: They played for a full two hours and forty five minutes! The only other time I have been to such a long - and good - concert was in 1988 with Bruce Springsteen. But I am honestly impressed that these two guys on their own can entertain on such a high energy level for so long.
I must say though that I am not sure what to think about his portrayal of him self. His anecdotes were nice, fun and well placed. But without being able to put a finger on it, there was something weird in his way of speaking and presenting him self. Anyhow the balance between music, singing and talking was superb!

It was a brilliant concert and all I can hope for now is that the next time he visits Denmark he will bring his band - and that I once again will get tickets.

Thanks to Kusine, Sanne and Joe for a reaaaally nice evening.

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  1. Tommy wrote:

    Yo, also remember Kristin Hersh, March 28th @ Pumpehuset….not to be missed !!

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