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August 4, 2007

In memory of Natasja

by Thorendal


Last night Tivoli had set up a show in the honor of Natasja who was killed in a car accident on June 24th. 2007.
Originally Natasja was suppose to perferm herself last night in Tivoli. But her band, Ragga Pack, wanted to go through with the concert after all, as it would be what she wanted. 8 guest performers were on stage each performing a track in respect of Natasja, and it was an excellent show. All the people on stage had something nice and lovingly to say about her lively spirit as a human being and as an entertainer.

It was every so clear that the audience was there in tribute of Natasja, and the silence in between the music when the person on stage introduced their relation to Natasja was breathtaking.

Thanks to Krykke for a fantastic evening out.

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