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August 13, 2007

CocoRosie in Pumpehuset

by Thorendal


Saturday evening had another concert in store for me, CocoRosie! I was only introduced to the music about two weeks ago, but it is quite catchy and interesting. Trine, who was the one who introduced me to this, had a lot of difficulties as well with describing the genre and sound. I cannot do it either. But it is possible to find some of their music right here for free.

Besides the fact the to two sisters Sierra Rose Casady (Rosie) and Bianca Leilani Casady (freely transferred into Coco!?) were pretty bizare in their own cool way they had Spleen with them - a French beatboxing guy. It was amazing to experience that, I have never heard beatboxing live before!

The sound was ok and Pumpehuset wasn’t packed, so it was a pretty good concert altough it was very very hot in there. But despite the fact I didn’t know the music really it was a fantastic concert, and it was a fantastic evening with all the girls! Thank you all for making it a brilliant evening!

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