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May 15, 2005

Whitsun carnival 2005

by Thorendal

Official carnival poster 2005
The time of the year came for the carnival at Whitsun. I went yesterday, Saturday the 14th of May. The sun was shining and it was nice and hot. The Whitsun is early this year, so it was very nice that the wether was so warm and sunny.
We arrived around 2pm, and not a lot of people was there that early. Mostly families were walking around enjoying the stalls of interesting food, funny stuf, and the mini Tivoli. It is fascinating how much Fælledparken can change from being an anonymous - yet beautiful - park into a mecca of people of many nationalities, lovely smells from the food stalls, beautiful samba dancers, and exotic rhythms.

During the afternoon more people found their way to the park, and by the end of the day, the park was full of people having picnics in the sun. Danes are really good at enjoying the outdoor cultural possibilities, and it was obvious that everyone were relaxing.
There are many many many amazing samba bands playing and dancing, and one of the very poplular bands is called Bafo do mundo. They are about 25 musicians and 35 dancers, and they have some amazing costumes - they make you feel like you are somewhere else than in a tent in Copenhagen. They take you to Brazil with well played samba music and beautiful dancers, who look like they really are enjoying being on stage.

Bafo do mundo

Listening to samba rhythms and seeing samba dancers always makes me want to dance. I cannot just stand around looking - and everyone dances along to the music. The tents at Fælledparken are moving along with the people inside of them. And all the visitors of the carnival are happy and smiling.
It is in fact one big party for everyone who wants to party - you should try it next year!

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2 Responses to “Whitsun carnival 2005”

  1. Bear_One wrote:

    U probably meant Whitsun(DAY) - which is the english word for ‘pinse’ - or picked it up from somewhere ? :-)

    The word Whitsun has a number of meanings:
    The name of a Pagan festival originally “Hwita Sunnandaeg”
    Another name for Pentecost
    Whitsun, a poem by Sylvia Plath
    The Whitsun Weddings, a poem by Philip Larkin
    A Whitsun Ale (esp., English) is a county fair, with competitions, dancing (traditionally, morris dancing), music, and socialising, usually sponsored by a local pub or tavern.

  2. Thorendal wrote:

    Thanks Bear_one for your thorough comment. I will mention though that you are not comletely right about the word in the sense, that Whitsunday means ‘første pinsedag’ which is not what I meant.

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