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June 9, 2005

British comedy

by Thorendal

I am a big fan of British comedy. My all time favorit must be the Harry Enfield and chums show. I have watched that show over and over again. There are so many funny sketches in the show, that only thinking about it makes me laugh - maybe that says more about me than the show - I don’t know really.

Harry Enfield and chums Harry Enfield and chums

I haven’t seen it for a while, but they do show it on BBC Prime in periodes. They show a lot of fantastic British comedy, so if you should have a favorite or just a craving for a laugh - have a look there…you might just be lucky.

Other really funny shows are:

Father Ted - I have never seen that one on BBC Prime though, only on a Danish channel years ago.

Murder most horrid - Fantastic and bizarre - I love Dawn French!

The vicar of Dibley - Well Dawn French again, and other ever so lame character - amazing!

The comic strip - Back in around 1980 a lot of the Bristish comedians that we know and see today were starting out in this show. I have never seen it on BBC Prime though.

AbFab - We all know this show…

The fast show - Fabulous sketches.

Only fools and horses - An old show but a sure winner! And who would have thought that Sir David Jason (the guy from the ‘Frost’ crime series on tv) once were a comedian!

…and probably many many more.

I cannot imagine that I will ever get tired of those shows, I just need to get a hold of them on dvd. That would make a perfect weekend in front of the telly!

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4 Responses to “British comedy”

  1. Nick wrote:

    Hiya….you have great taste in comedy. Keep your eyes and ears open for these shows too:

    The League of Gentlemen (film comes out soon!)
    The Office
    Early Doors

    All are great

    Nick :)

  2. PeterGo wrote:

    I’m with Nick, The League of Gentlemen and THe Office are great. Unfortunately it’s impossible to get a hold of Comedy Strips The Strike; the best film ever. I had it, lost it and now there’s nowhere to get it.

  3. Erling Jepsen wrote:

    Yeah British Comedy rules.

    It’s funny(!) that as individual nations have a very distinct type of humor which cannot easily be transferred (No Dane understands jokes from other Scandinavian countries) British Humor still seems popular everywhere…

    … Except in the US of course which have taken the office and adopted it for their own style.

    Anyway What I would like to say was that my favorite sketch in Enfield is where the two geezers (Can’t remember their names) - win the lottery and decides to see an investor - after having consulted him for 20secs on thoughtful investment of their price into stocks and bonds they hit him down and leave the room yelling ‘Spend! Spend! Spend!’

    Oh well - I guess you have to see these things :)

  4. Thorendal wrote:

    Hi Erling, oh yes I know the Slobs - they are called Wayne and Waynetta Slob. All the names of the shows I mention are links, if you care to have a look around.
    You have an exquisite taste in comedy I must say ;-)

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