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June 16, 2005


by Thorendal

For those of you within the information architecture domain who does not already know this site, I think you should have a look at FreePint. FreePint is an online network of information searchers. Members receive this free newsletter twice a month, which is packed with tips on finding quality and reliable business information on the Internet. I think a lot of their topics are pretty interesting, and they give a good impression about what is going on around the world with research, conferences, litterature and so on.
I don’t really look that much at the website, but I like their newsletter. But the website gives many opportunities for looking for and participating in forums, shopping for reports, networking and the like.
On the website I particularly like the forum in there where it is possible to see what kind of barriers people around the world are having in their work, and what kind of interests they have. And a lot of people use it, so it is a very active forum.

It might be very focused on librarians, but many other professionals would get a lot of good information from the site, as it is rather minded on research but still practical.


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