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September 7, 2005


by Thorendal

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Well I guess I have to admit, that that I am a sad cow because one of my favorite tv shows is EastEnders. It is possible to watch the show from BBC Prime.
The show started out 20 years ago, in 1985. I have been following the show since the fall of 1996 - God I am a sad person, but apparently I cannot help it, so no need to be ashamed about it.

The show was shown on Danish tv a few years ago, but it never really was succesful in Denmark. I don’t quite get why the Danish Radio (which distribute the national television as well) bought really old episodes. Either you buy the show from episode one or the very up to date episodes!
Never the less, the show was shown early afternoon which made it impossible as well to watch it. What a luck I had seen the episodes anyways (-:

Story line
Most of the action takes place around Albert Square and the Queen Vic, which is a the pub ( the red square in the middle)

Albert Square

It is pretty amazing how many terrible things that happens in Albert Square; Murder, kidnapping, drug addiction, robbery, homeless people, weddings, seperations and divorces, prostitution, assults and so on. But hey, I am still watching it - sad sad me! I even recieve the newsletter from the show.

I miss some of the characters that has been in the show some years ago. When I just started whatching the show Tiffany, Grant, Simon, Cindy, Bianca, Tony, Phill and the like was on the show…that was good times. But I really do miss Grant and Phill, the Jacksons, and Anthony and Paul Trueman, Mel, and many many more. My favorits has through the years very often been the cheeky and disobedient ones.

Some of the characters, a picture from 2003


The show is on Monday to Thursday at 19:30, and then the omnibus is on in the afternoon on Sundays. Unless you already know the show, I actually doubt you will like it.

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