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October 23, 2005


by Thorendal

Last night it was time for a concert with LOC. I have been talking to a friend about what LOC stands for, and we came up with many interesting names. Never the less I found out last night from my friend Malene, that it stands for Liam O’Connor. And I must admit that Mr. O’Connor can deliver the goods! It was a really good concert, one cool party throughout the about hour and a half he was on.
I don’t know that much of his music, and I am sure I better not think about the lyrics too much either, because I would probably be insulted. But he can get a party going, and that was what I hoped for. The stage show was totally OK, they were just having fun. No stupid comments or wannabe nonsense.

It was a brilliant concert - we had a lot of fun!

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