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October 31, 2005

Coldplay and Goldfrapp

by Thorendal


Last night Coldplay played in Forum. The support was Goldfrapp - and what a treat! My sister just resently introduced me to Goldfrapp, it is really cool pop music - check them out!

I had expected that Coldplay would have played songs from their third album primarily. But it turned out that it was a big mix of all their albums, and that was very positive as I am not that keen on X&Y.
It is funny though how one could have the opinion about Coldplay that it is fairly quiet music. But when you see them live it is very different. I am not sure how they do it, but it really really rocks live. I saw them last time they were here in Valby Hallen. And that was a super concert as well, actually it was so amazing that I got carried away and was singing along so much I lost my voice for three days. When they played on the Roskilde Festival it was really good too, but I think I prefer to listen to them to a normal concert.

It was my first concert in Forum of some strange reason. It was a nice place, just the right size. But what was up with the beer prices? Oi Forum - shame on you!

I must admit that I am up for a few days without a concert in the calender - four concerts since last Saturday has worn me down (-:

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