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December 1, 2005

Franz Ferdinand in London

by Thorendal

Tonight I went to the Franz Ferdinand concert in London where they were playing in Alexandria. First of all I have to say that there were some pretty cool waming up - two bands The Rakes and the Editors. Mainly the last band was interesting. But when Franz Ferdinand went on stage the hole audience went into a complete party mood. I am not quite sure I have ever experienced an audience that was so much up for an evening of good music. There was such an amazing buzz in the audience!
Anyways Franz Ferdinand delivered a fantastic 75 minutes long concert. Full of energy and an absolutly amazing stage and stage show! I have indeed never seen such a beautiful stage with everything from the lightning to decoration and to a camera following everything around on the stage and casting it on three screens in the hall. It was filmed in B/W and with a bit of delay - it looked like something that had been taken out of a music video from the sixties - really really cool!
I don’t know a lot of their music but it was defintely not needed to have a really good concert experience. British people know how to have a party and that made it all so much more fun.

In total we had about two and a half hours of live music which was fantastic! I can strongly recommend to get hold of tickets for their tour. Thanks to Nick for inviting me and for making my evening fantastic!

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  1. … and so endeth the tale of new trends in Information Architecture as reported by our dedicated expert, directly from the Online Information Conference in London, England … :-)

  2. Nick wrote:

    …oh you are most welcome. Had an amazing evening too. Alexandra Palace was indeed a rockin’


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