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February 24, 2006

The Alpine

by Thorendal

Last night we went to Loppen to see the Danish band The Alpine. It was really interesting and nice. Althought they are upcommers it has to be said, that they are not streamlined enough just yet.

About 2/3’s into the concert the music changed drastically - and for the better I might add. After having thought about it for a bit I think I would compare the vibe in their more party-friendly music to Junior Senoir’s kind of music. With that said I must admit that I don’t know any of the lyrics for either of the bands, so it might be offensive for both bands.
I think The Alpine should think a little about the first 2/3’s of the music, because even though the music was nice, it didn’t have just “that” - the thing you would remember the band for.

Anyways, The Alpine has a very talented keyboard player, Ida Strand, who has an amazing voice, and luckily for the band, she is using it in many of the songs as well. If any criticism has to be said it must be that her way of singing is a little musical-alike which might not fit into a modern band, but it works very well in duets!
And bless a band where there are actually three people who can sing. The bass player sang as well and did it nicely!
The lead singer has done a lot of studing bands and band-behavoir during the the 80’s, which he almost copies in his own way on stage. Maybe he should concider just being himself!

Overall it was a good concert, and I am sure the band will live on for a while. I am not too sure though that the band has an obvious future in this constallation as the music does not at this point have a unique sound or rhythm. But maybe that will come along the way.

The Alpine’s debut album will be in the stores from Monday the 27th of Febraury.

Thanks for a very fun and nice evening out to Malene, Mette, René, and CJ.

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