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March 10, 2006

We were there - but where were Kaiser Chiefs

by Thorendal

This was a concert I have really been looking forward to! Last September Malene and I went to the Kaiser Chiefs concert in Vega, and that was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to. I have indeed never been to a concert with so much energy in it before. So obvious last night we were looking forward to it with the expectation that this concert would be a some what similar gift for our ears and eyes.

I can say nothing but: It was not!

There has been a lot of writing in several music magazines about Ricky, the singer in the band, collapsed a while ago because of a too hectic tour program. And I am not surprised. The energy that that man can push over the edge of the stage is truely impressing. But sadly that energy has gone - and may I say completely! Malene and I had the expirience that it was a totally different band that we went to see last night, and that was very disappointing of course. The music was played just as well and energetic as last time, but this time the 75 minutes of concert didn’t feel a second longer than 75 minutes. Last time I think the concert lasted around an hour but felt like the double.

I do think though that it is about time for the five lads from Leeds to go back into the studio and record some more music. This was actually their third time in Copenhagen in a year with only one album out. It is impressive that they can still play concerts with such a small repertoire. But for the same reason it must be time for new stuff. We can only look forward for the rumour to begin about that.

Nevertheless I had a fantastic evening cause I do really like their music. So thank you to Malene, my Sister, Mette, Kåre, Per, René and CJ for a great night out!

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