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January 3, 2008

New years in Italy

by Thorendal

This year I spend new years in Italy as Stefan and I was invited to spend it with some friends in Trieste. I know the quality of this picture is terrible, but it was taken 4:30 pm with my phone which is still just 2.0 mega pixels.


It was a very nice trip, but I am already looking forward to celebrate new years by the end of this year which has only existed for three days!

Besides Trieste we sent to Venice and it was my first time to this fairytale city. It was very fascinating how they make a city “run” when all main transportation is by boats.

We also went to Slovenia, which was my first time there as well. When being so close to the boarder to Italy, the country sides do not differ so much, but it was obvious though that Slovenia is behind with a lot of things such as cars, houses e.g.

After two days in Trieste we ended our holiday in Verona, where I was last year as well. Verona is a very nice city! There are so many things to see and the city is very cosy and clean.

So last night we came home, and I am so lucky to have a few more days off from work. It has been a very nice Christmas and holiday over new year’s. But right now I find it a bit difficult to find the motivation to go back to work on Monday - you see one gets use to being off from work!

Happy new year!

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November 13, 2007

Warming up for London

by Thorendal

Well I like minimalistic blog posts these days…

I was currently warming up for my yearly trip to London for the Online Information Conference. As always I am very much looking forward to see what is going on on the international marked.

If I manage to overcome my worst fears, my ambition is to give a speech there next year, if I find an interesting business case. And as I just changed job it should be pretty easy to find an interesting case to explore more in details.

Anyways I am looking very much forward to entering Olympia Hall again in a couple of weeks.

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November 1, 2007

Presale for QOTSA!

by Thorendal

You can get hold of tickets in presale for Queen of the stone age here


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September 20, 2007

Let me introduce…

by Thorendal

…my new employer:


I will have my first day there the 1 st of October.

Cannot wait!

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