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September 2, 2007


by Thorendal

Earlier this week I attended in a 12 hour workshop arranged by CSC and KL. The greater topic for this seminar was how to merge ESDH (the Danish expression for Electronic Case and Documentation Handling) with a proper SOA.
And how interesting is that! Well to me it is spot on what I find interesting workwise, so I did actually use a hole day of my holiday on this arrangement.

My background in library and information science as education and enterprise architecture as work experience must be pretty much a perfect base for having an opinion about this arrangement’s topic. And as it was a workshop there was plenty of time to share my thoughts and hopes for this business. And luckily most of the other attendee felt the same way, so it was an interesting day.

Some of the things there were discussed during the day was:
- What is the core functionality in ESDH
- What do we think the vision is for ESDH
- What are the barriers for the development in ESDH
- Which demands need to be set for FESD II

As there are no rights and wrongs in a discussion about the future there are no really conclusions to sum up on. But one thing can be said though about what must be the conclusion after all, and that is, that most of the people in this forum agreed upon the need to think more in the direction of SOA when it comes to the survival of ESDH in the future. It was also agreed upon that the discussion about it-governance cannot be ignored.

CSC and KL is going to send out a sum up on the day and the discussions we had, and I expect the report they put together will give a good idea about where ESDH will go in the next couple of years. I expect it to be interesting reading!

After dinner John Gøtze joined us and talked about different perspectives on Enterprise Architeture and SOA.
John is an old colleague of mine and he has always been inspiring because of his passion for his work and the architecture-field in general.

By the time I hit my house I was exhausted, it had been such an intensive day and evening. It had been a brilliant arrangement, as everyone had participated greatly. Even though a lot of the attendees were vendors, everyone seemed to have the same goal for the day: To communicate openly and work together.

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August 13, 2007

CocoRosie in Pumpehuset

by Thorendal


Saturday evening had another concert in store for me, CocoRosie! I was only introduced to the music about two weeks ago, but it is quite catchy and interesting. Trine, who was the one who introduced me to this, had a lot of difficulties as well with describing the genre and sound. I cannot do it either. But it is possible to find some of their music right here for free.

Besides the fact the to two sisters Sierra Rose Casady (Rosie) and Bianca Leilani Casady (freely transferred into Coco!?) were pretty bizare in their own cool way they had Spleen with them - a French beatboxing guy. It was amazing to experience that, I have never heard beatboxing live before!

The sound was ok and Pumpehuset wasn’t packed, so it was a pretty good concert altough it was very very hot in there. But despite the fact I didn’t know the music really it was a fantastic concert, and it was a fantastic evening with all the girls! Thank you all for making it a brilliant evening!

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Zucchero in Amager Bio

by Thorendal


God damn it, this guy is not a pretty site for your eyes! Nevertheless I went to see him this Friday in Amager Bio. I have to say, that going was a kind of a surprise for a person I know, because I would never haven gone for any other reason!
Anyhow, as a lot of people know Amager Bio is a pretty cool place for concerts as it is next to impossible to stand in a wrong place when it comes to seeing what goes on on the stage. Further more the sound is pretty fantastic as well, so no matter who plays at Amager Bio you can’t go all wrong.
I have as well as mot of the people I know have only hear the number Zucchero did many years ago with Paul Young; Senza una donna. And as this man only sings in Italian it is a kind of difficult to have a very serious opinion about the lyrics. But the music, the music - it was ok! I must admit that is takes a lot for me not to think that music is all right when I make it to a concert. This music was pretty danceable and people seemed to like it a lot.

But oh my God this guy needs a make over! He looks exactly the same as he did back in when-ever-he-did-the-song-with-Paul-Young! Yak!

Anyway I had a fantastic evening with Glenn and Stefan, I am ever so sure, that your company was the reason I didn’t quite discover just how terrible Zucchero is ;-) Thank you for a fun evening out!

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August 4, 2007

In memory of Natasja

by Thorendal


Last night Tivoli had set up a show in the honor of Natasja who was killed in a car accident on June 24th. 2007.
Originally Natasja was suppose to perferm herself last night in Tivoli. But her band, Ragga Pack, wanted to go through with the concert after all, as it would be what she wanted. 8 guest performers were on stage each performing a track in respect of Natasja, and it was an excellent show. All the people on stage had something nice and lovingly to say about her lively spirit as a human being and as an entertainer.

It was every so clear that the audience was there in tribute of Natasja, and the silence in between the music when the person on stage introduced their relation to Natasja was breathtaking.

Thanks to Krykke for a fantastic evening out.

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