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April 17, 2006

LOC again, succes again

by Thorendal

Back in October I went to see LOC in Vega for an evening of full blown party! Saturday night was just as succesful as the first time.

Liam has a voice as if it was sent from heaven, and every word he sings live goes straight through the speakers. It is truely amazing, and I don’t remember any singer who has ever given me that experience before. LOC might be a real ass with his generel attitude and lyrics - I don’t know, but when he is on stage, he has a really cool attitude. Talks to the audience, playing around with the guys on stage, being just really attractive and cool.

Along with him on stage was Bai-D, and he did a brilliant job keeping the party going and his voice completed LOC’s voice amazingly.

The stage this time was done up really nicely (I doubt that they would like me to use those exact words to describe it), it looked like a rough cellar or industial building of some sort, it worked perfectly. Simple and nice.

We, of course, had a fun night out, and thanks to Malene for a perfect evening and the nice treat it was to take me to the concert!

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